Manual lensometer
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This frontofocometer is used to measure spherical, cylindrical and prismatic frontal power.

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This apparatus makes it possible to measure the optical glasses, giving the respective values of the spherical frontal power, the cylindrical power, the axis of the cylinder (position of the optical center) and the prismatic power (the value and the position of the prism).

The frontal power is to be distinguished from the focal power. The frontal power corresponds to the inverse of the measured frontal distance of the glass surface at the focus of the glass as opposed to the focal power which is the inverse of the measured focal distance from the main plane to the focus of the glass.

The power of the glasses is indicated diopter.


Measuring capacity: 0 ± 25D

Lens diameter: 16 mm - 80 mm

Basic prism: 0 - 180 °

Scale of minimum value: 1 °

Astigmatism: 0 - 180 ° axis, min. : 5 °

Technical characteristics :
Packaging  1 piece (New product sealed)
Insurance  1 year  
Dimensions (in mm)  275 x 130 x 455
Packaged product: weight (in g) 6000

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